Noah Cyrus has made our hearts leap for joy! This uber-talented songstress is very passionate about animal rights.

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Noah has been dropping hit after hit and making a huge name for herself in the music industry, and now, she’s dropping major truth bombs about orcas trapped at SeaWorld. She knows that orcas are highly intelligent social animals who should experience the freedom of their natural ocean habitat, not be held captive inside the tiny tanks of a marine abusement park. She wants SeaWorld to “[d]o the right thing and release the orcas to a sanctuary.” Check out her passionate plea:

Life for Orcas Trapped at SeaWorld Is Awful

“What a lot of the public doesn’t know [is that] orcas have died living at SeaWorld, and that has not been from old age.” –Noah Cyrus

SeaWorld destroys families and makes $$ off the misery of the animals it holds captive. Orcas who are imprisoned at the marine park were torn away from their families against their will and forced to live inside small concrete tanks.



In the wild, they have sophisticated social relationships: They work together to find food and travel up to 140 miles in the ocean every day! But at SeaWorld, incompatible orcas from very different groups are trapped together in the same prisons, which causes them to become stressed and aggressive, often leading to injury and, sometimes, even death. The tiny tanks that they’re confined to leave them with nothing to do but float listlessly or swim in endless circles.

SeaWorld San Diego 2010 | Martin Wippel | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

This lonely, unnatural environment causes them to experience stress, frustration, and depression. They end up gnawing on the metal tank bars, often breaking their teeth, and are given drugs to manage stress-induced aggressive and psychotic behavior. Under these dismal circumstances, it’s no surprise that orcas at SeaWorld die at an average age of 14—unlike their wild brothers and sisters, who live an average of 30 to 50 years.

SeaWorld should move these long-suffering animals to seaside sanctuaries so that they can have some semblance of a natural life outside their prison tanks.

What You Can Do to Help

Like Noah, you can speak up for animals trapped at SeaWorld. Never buy a ticket to SeaWorld, and urge the company to empty the tanks!