The U.S. Department of Agriculture has informed notorious elephant exhibitor Hugo Liebel of its intent to initiate proceedings to end his federal exhibitor’s license, which is the piece of paper that allowed him to cart Nosey, an arthritic elephant, from town to town in a small trailer.

Liebel is currently facing cruelty-to-animals charges related to his neglect and mistreatment of Nosey

… who was seized by Lawrence County, Alabama, authorities in November and placed at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. ♥

There, veterinarians found that she was suffering from arthritis, intestinal parasites, a urinary tract infection, and a multidrug-resistant skin infection—ailments that are all linked to a lack of care during her life on the road.

In January, following a 10-hour hearing, the Lawrence County District Court issued an order that allowed Nosey to remain at the sanctuary with the county animal control officer’s permission. Liebel’s appeal is pending.

After decades of being forced to give rides at county fairs even as she stumbled, this ailing elephant is finally facing a permanent end to such abuse. We look forward to seeing Nosey remain in expert hands at the sanctuary, with a lush habitat to roam, trees to rub against, and a pond to swim in.

Liebel has made false statements to government agencies, including the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which refused to renew his permit to possess Nosey in his home state on those grounds. Florida’s Polk County Code Enforcement has also informed Liebel that he’s not allowed to possess exotic animals at his residence and may not take Nosey back there. We continue to monitor the pending cases against Liebel and his wife, and we’re glad that these abusers are finally facing the consequences of their actions.

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