Exciting news, y’all! Making headlines this week is Public School (P.S.) 244, an elementary school in New York City that has just become the first public school in the city—and possibly even the entire country—to offer an all-vegetarian menu in its cafeteria. How sweet is that?! This wonderful victory for animals was possible thanks to the dedicated group New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, which worked closely with the school to introduce healthy plant-based entrées at both breakfast and lunch—way to go, guys! 🙂

students eating lunch

At lunchtime, students at P.S. 244 no longer have to choose between a rubbery hot dog and soggy chicken nuggets with questionable ingredients. Instead, they now have delish, healthy, meat-free choices like black beans, falafel, tofu wraps, and veggie chili! Anyone else wishing they could time-warp back to first grade and go here? *Raises hand*

To thank the school for making the compassionate choice for its students and animals by going all-veg, we’ve given P.S. 244 a Compassionate School Award.

All students deserve a healthy school lunch—and that includes you, too!

If you’re tired of having to brown-bag it every day because your cafeteria is full of dead animal flesh, check out peta2’s “Veggie Burger Project” for a chance to make your school da bomb with more vegetarian-friendly options. We’ll also hook you up with a FREE “I Heart Veggie Burgers” tee if you’re successful. Stylish and compassionate? Uhhhh … yes, please!


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