When you think of OK Go, does a certain treadmill video come to mind? Probably—if you are one of the many millions of people who watched it on YouTube. But as peta2 found out, there is so much more to OK Go than just their wacky video ways.

For instance, did you know that lead singer Damian Kulash has two best friends? Well, he does, and their names are Dora and Bunny Carlos. These three go to shows together, dine in style together, and sometimes even sleep in the same bed. Now don’t go jumping to any scandalous conclusions—Dora and Bunny Carlos are Damian’s two rescued dogs!

Damian adopted Dora from a friend who had rescued her off the mean streets of L.A., and then Dora adopted Bunny Carlos when she found her in an empty parking lot. Confused? Let Damian tell you the whole story below …

Kudos to you, Damian! We agree with you wholeheartedly that dogfighting sucks, to neuter is cuter, and people should opt to adopt. If you also agree with Damian and want to do more to help your furry friends, join peta2 by clicking on the button below!