Let’s talk about Olivia Munn.

olivia mun starmax

“Why are we talking about Olivia Munn?” you might ask.

  1. Because I’m writing this blog, and I want to.
  2. Because she’s a total badass, and I’m really into The Newsroom right now.

Reasons to adore Olivia Munn include:

1.  She uses her voice—and her body—to speak up for elephants who are abused in the circus by asking fans to boycott circuses that use animals.

“When you look at something like the circus and everyone’s laughing and there’s color and there’s music and everything seems so great, but when you go right behind that door and they’re in these crates all day long and then they’re getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball … it was just so sickening.”

olivia munn circus ad

2.  She feels beautiful in her own skin and lets animals keep theirs. Olivia knows that there’s nothing sexy or sophisticated about wearing fur and reminds fans that when it comes to violence on fur farms, “There’s nothing good about pretending like you don’t know.”

3.  This picture of Munn and Project Runway fashion guru Tim Gunn:

olivia munn tim gunn

4.  In an interview with Us Weekly, Olivia told readers, “I believe in rescuing your pets, not buying them.”

5.  She got a little tipsy on The Today Show and let co-host Hoda Kotb know what’s up with Central Park’s horse-drawn carriage rides. (Skip ahead to 8:22 for the good stuff!)

I could keep going, but I think you get the point. She’s a smart, sassy, animal-loving lady, and we think she rules. Keep on doin’ what you do, Olivia!