Date Night and Iron Man 2 star Olivia Munn wants freedom for captive elephants. The gorgeous actor and former host of G4’s Attack of the Show! feels so strongly about ending the use of elephants and other animals in circuses that she posed au naturel for peta2’s “As Nature Intended, Let Elephants Be Free” anti-circus ad.

Olivia Munn for peta2

Elephants and other animals used in circuses are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them. They are forced to wear costumes and perform ridiculous tricks and stunts that they would never do without the threat of physical punishment. And when not performing, elephants—who walk up to 30 miles a day in their natural environment—are kept in chains and carted from city to city in cramped, dirty boxcars, often without access to water, food, or veterinary care.

In the wild, elephant babies stay with their mothers until they are teenagers, sometimes longer, but elephants used in the circus are torn away from their mothers when they are still babies. Trainers break their spirits by wrestling them with ropes and use electric prods and sharp, metal-tipped training implements called “bullhooks” to force them to learn tricks.

Horrified to learn about the lifetime of cruelty that elephants and other animals in the circus are forced to endure, Olivia also wants her fans to boycott the circus. “When you look at something like the circus and everyone’s laughing and there’s color and there’s music and everything seems so great, but when you go right behind that door and they’re in these crates all day long and then they’re getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball … it was just so sickening,” says Olivia. Find out what else she had to say in her exclusive interview for peta2.

Thanks, Olivia!