By now, most people know that SeaWorld hurts orcas. Almost everything about orcas’ lives at SeaWorld is artificial—from the unnatural way they’re bred to the cramped tanks where they’re confined. At SeaWorld, these highly intelligent animals are deprived of nearly everything that is natural and important to them and are forced to perform mindless tricks, all in the name of entertainment.

We asked Twitter users what they would rather do than go to SeaWorld. Here’s what people said:

Some of the tweets made us cringe:

Lead singer Josh Franceschi of You Me at Six would rather make himself VERY uncomfortable than pay to see orcas who are uncomfortable inside tiny tanks at SeaWorld!

And actor Renee Olstead felt similarly. Both of these scenarios sound WAY better than going to SeaWorld. Orcas in captivity often gnaw at the iron bars and concrete in their tanks because of stress, anxiety, and boredom, sometimes breaking their teeth. This can result in painful dental drilling—which is done without anesthetics. Definitely cringe-worthy.

Throwback to one of our most painful childhood memz, but STILL better than going to SeaWorld!

At SeaWorld, orcas who aren’t compatible are often forced to live together in tight quarters. The resulting anxiety and tension frequently lead to injuries and even death. With that said, I’d take a punch in the face before going to SeaWorld any day!

Other tweets made us hungry:


Some made us lose our appetites:

Can people eat jalapeños every day for the rest of their lives?! Sounds like a challenge I’d definitely take over going to SeaWorld.

Dirt and earwax definitely sound the opposite of appetizing, but let’s take a moment to be thankful that we get to choose what we consume. In captivity, orcas are unable to hunt and obtain water from their prey, so SeaWorld tries to keep them hydrated by giving them gelatin, a substance made from boiled animal skin, tendons, and ligaments and that isn’t natural for them.

Others made us LOL. Literally … we laughed out loud a lot:

Speaking of stock value, SeaWorld’s tanked stock value shows that TONS of people have decided not to use their hard-earned money to support the abuse of marine animals. Families can choose to see marine animals in their natural environment or enjoy non-animal amusement parks instead.

If you know vegan punk-rock icon Davey Havok, you know this tweet was a BIG deal.

No Sleep Records and the rest of us coffee lovers just got REALLY real. The hashtag #DeathBeforeDecaf is irrelevant when SeaWorld is involved. More like #DecafBeforeSeaWorld.

Licking a floor sounds preeeetty gross, right? It can’t be bad compared to our list of the 10 worst things that you could be doing if you were unlucky enough to work at SeaWorld.

I’m sure it wouldn’t stink as much as SeaWorld does.

Sounds like a party compared to SeaWorld!

We’ve all fallen asleep in class during a boring lecture or been upset when we had to run a mile in gym, but at least we got to have a social life and go home at the end of the day. The animals trapped at SeaWorld never get a day off to return to their homes in the wild. 🙁

Some of the tweets really put life for captive orcas into perspective:

Yeah, being locked in a cage certainly sounds stressful, but a lifetime of confinement that often leads to stress-related diseases and death at an unnaturally young age is the norm for orcas at SeaWorld.

SeaWorld confines orcas, who could swim up to 100 miles a day in the wild, to tanks that, to them, are the size of a bathtub. They would need to swim 1,208 laps (around the perimeter) in the park’s largest tank to equal what they’d swim if they were in the wild.

Orcas at SeaWorld are also easily and frequently sunburned. That’s because they are provided with little shade, the water is artificially clear, and the tanks at the abusement park are so shallow that they have no way to dive deep enough to escape the sun’s rays.

Our friend Jona Weinhofen of I Killed the Prom Queen reminded his followers that orcas belong in the ocean, not in tanks at SeaWorld.

Whale-watching and glass-bottom boat tours are surprisingly inexpensive, and boating expeditions will take you out into the water to see marine animals in their natural environment.

And finally, our favorite:

Bless the Fall’s Elliott Gruenberg reminded us that Netflix is streaming the hit documentary Blackfish, which pieces together Tilikum’s emotional story. Check it out and watch it with everyone you know!

What You Can Do

Please join these Twitter users and compassionate people everywhere and #BoycottSeaWorld by refusing to buy a ticket to the marine park, and ask SeaWorld officials to release these animals into sanctuaries.

Tweet us and let us know what you would rather do than go to SeaWorld!

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