Are you being deceived by shady marketing labels?

Food labels often include nice-sounding but meaningless words meant to keep us in the dark. While this is jacked up, it’s the animals who really suffer while consumers get reassured that their meat is somehow “cruelty-free.” So let’s expose some of these “humane” and “natural” meat labels for what they are: LIES.

“Humane” meat: It’s a joke.

Whole Foods Humane Farm

Suppliers that produce “humane” meat are basically factory farms with better PR. There’s no humane way to kill animals for meat, period! The only difference between animals raised “humanely” and those who aren’t is the label that’s put on the package containing their body parts.

Animals who come from so-called “humane” farms are usually mutilated without painkillers, crammed into sheds with no sunlight or fresh air, jabbed with electric prods, and subjected to other of the same horrors animals face on regular farms. They’re also exposed to freezing cold or burning heat while being shipped to be slaughtered.

“Organic” meat: fancy label, same slaughterhouses. ?

PETA Germany organic goat farm investigation dead goat

Animals who are raised under “organic” standards live and suffer in some of the exact same ways as animals raised non-organically do. Although they’re eat organic feed, they often live in crowded, muddy feedlots and become covered with fecal matter.

They’re also denied vaccinations and antibiotics when they’re sick so that the farm can uphold its organic certification, causing even more suffering. Imagine if you got sick and your parents refused to give you even the most basic medicine to help you. And just like animals raised on conventional farms, they’re killed in the same terrifying slaughterhouses, where they’re hung upside down and their throats are cut open.

“Free-range”: no cages … just cramped warehouses. Yay?

Right: Direct Action Everywhere 

When we hear the term “free-range,” we usually envision chickens roaming carefree through fields behind a big red barn, but surprise! This is bogus. Free-range standards are so vague that these places can get away with just about anything, and they do—meaning that thousands of chickens may be crammed into warehouses. On “cage-free” farms, farmers cut off the ends of chickens’ sensitive beaks with hot blades without any painkillers, and the birds are artificially inseminated.

“All natural”: What does that even mean?

Psst … pretty much nothing. Once again, animals labeled “natural” suffer in the same ways as those raised for meat do. In fact, the term “natural” refers only to the way in which the meat is processed and handled after the animals are killed.

The bottom line is that these labels are complete BS.

Animals raised for meat under “special circumstances” suffer in the same ways as others who aren’t raised with these standards do. Remember: There are no “humane” slaughterhouses. In the meat, egg, and dairy industries, animals are all seen as mere objects, and they’re abused and denied everything that’s natural and important to them. The labeling on a package doesn’t lessen their suffering—it just covers it up.

The only real way to avoid making animals suffer is to opt out of eating them.

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