OTEP for peta2Through the years, I have been in many discussions about the difference between luck and skill. A lot of people say, “Oh, that band is only popular because they have money” or “They were just in the right place at the right time.” I can tell you this: OTEP isn’t one of those “right place, right time” bands. The band’s lead vocalist and creative force, Otep Shamaya, has produced a live show that will blow your mind and leave you breathless. What’s even cooler is that Otep is vegetarian and proud of it.

OTEP got their start in Los Angeles. They were signed after only a few shows because of the massive buzz that surrounded the band’s live performances. (I have seen them before, and I can tell you that the attention is well deserved!) OTEP quickly made a name for themselves by playing Ozzfest not just once (as an unsigned band–insane!) but three times. Then our good friends over at Victory Records made the wise decision to sign the band and release their full-length album Smash the Control Machine. Just like Brian Fair from Shadows Fall and Chris Adler from Lamb of God, Otep is proud to say that she’s vegetarian and is dedicated to protecting animals!

Definitely inspiring. If you want to take that next step and enhance your life as Otep has done, you can request a copy of peta2’s “Guide to Going Vegan” and take the pledge to be vegan!