Anti-Flag, March 2009Anti-Flag has been ruling the punk rock world for years. Justin Sane and Pat Thetic are founding members of the seminal punk band, with Chris #2 and Chris Head rounding out the epically energetic lineup.

peta2 was lucky enough to hang out with the Flag’s drummer Pat Thetic during Warped Tour this summer, and we had a great chat about how to go vegan if you’re new to the lifestyle. Pat says the key is to start eating a little less meat every day.

Off-camera after the interview, lead singer and guitarist Justin Sane chimed in, saying, “Becoming vegetarian—and, even better, vegan—is one of the best things you can do for the world!”

Check out our exclusive video interview with Pat.

peta2 has to say: we love this band! Not only does the music always send a strong and educational message about the state of American politics, the band also keeps a solid stance on anti-war issues while staying positive at the same time! Also, the great guys in the band are all veg, and they have huge hearts and endless compassion for animals.

It’s no secret that a vegetarian diet is better for the body, the soul, and the environment—and the average vegetarian saves more than 100 animals’ lives each year. Says Justin, “It’s incredibly good for the environmentfactory farming is one of the world’s leading greenhouse gas contributors and one of the top sources of pollution that destroys streams, rivers, lakes, oceans—and it’s good for animals. Plus, it feels good knowing that your personal sacrifice has made it possible for an adorable animal to live without pain, suffering, and fear.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Let’s recap: You might think that going vegetarian is hard because it’s not part of your everyday life. That’s why we have bands like Anti-Flag here to let you know that just by eating a little less meat each day, you’ll begin to make an impact.

But don’t stop there! Here’s your chance to help end animal suffering by taking our pledge to try veganism.