The club scene in Canada’s looking pretty grim these days—just ask Peaches. She’ll be glad to give you all the gory details. After all, nothing tarnishes an image faster than clubbing a defenseless baby seal to death just to make a garment does. Never one to mince words, Peaches decided to let her country know exactly what she thinks about its cruel seal hunt by starring in peta2’s latest anti-fur public service announcement, where she appears next to the tagline “Canada’s Club Scene Sucks.”

More than 330,000 baby harp seals were killed earlier this year for their fur—some were clubbed while other seals, protesters, and the media watched in horror; many were skinned alive; and all suffered horribly. All just for vanity’s sake.

Peaches is tired of this black eye on her nation and wants the cruel seal hunt to stop once and for all. Join Peaches in her fight against the cruel seal hunt by signing our petition to the Canadian prime minister.