Brace yourself—this blog might change your life and the lives of hundreds of others.

Take a second and imagine that THIS is your life:

land o lakes dairy cow

You’re probably crammed into a severely crowded feedlot, standing amid your own waste. You’re intentionally deprived of exercise so that all your energy can be used to produce milk—the only thing you’re considered good for—and one day, you’re put into what they call a “rape rack” (yes, factory farms actually call it that). #RapeCultureIsWhen the metal bars are cold and filthy and the workers are laughing, when all of a sudden,


You’re taken back to the feedlot, where you might be dosed with hormones and antibiotics and kept from doing anything for the next nine months. And then …

Cow and Calf We Animals

Jo-Annie McArthur | We Animals 

… you give birth to a calf, and the two of you bond instantly! If allowed to live naturally, you would spend months with your baby, teaching, nurturing, and bonding with him or her. But instead, a farm worker could violently drag your baby away from you just days or even moments after you give birth:


Now, you spend much of your time being milked by a machine just because someone in a grocery store wants to buy a pint of your baby’s milk. Meanwhile, if your baby is male, he could be confined to a cramped cage, fed milk replacers, and then finally killed for veal when only a few months old. If your baby is female, she’ll probably be in the same situation as you within a couple of years.

You are nothing more than a milk- and baby-making machine until your body is too worn out to keep producing milk.

dairy milking machines

Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals 

Finally, in all likelihood, you’re shipped off to a slaughterhouse to be killed and your body is sold for around $300.

… OK, you can return to your real life now. But ask yourself if you really want to invest your dollars in an industry that relies on rape just to satisfy your cravings.

As a feminist, almost nothing nauseates me as much as the dairy industry. It is the most intentional exploitation of the female reproductive system I can imagine, and I refuse to support an industry with the pervy audacity to name something a “rape rack,” let alone put someone in one. #FeministsDrinkSoyMilk

Get ready, because this is the news that will change your life forever:

Replace all the animals in the images above with humans, and we would call it rape, not “breeding.”

But this is where your life gets better. All you have to do to remove yourself from the animal-abusing rape culture is to stop buying into it.

Just try some vegan food and ditch animal products from your diet!

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