Another year comes to a close as we count down to the end of 2012—and possibly the end of civilization as we know it if you’re into that whole Mayan calendar “end of days” thing. As our way of saying “Thanks!” for going above and beyond to help animals, peta2 has a little something special to keep you dancing into the New Year:

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Whether you’re asking the Food and Drug Administration to ban cigarette testing on animals, taking action to help win countless victories for animals, or sharing your “Hug a Vegetarian” Day pride, every act of compassion you take is a step toward making this world a better place for all animals—human and nonhuman alike. For that, we say, “You rule!” Happy listening!

1. Ed Tullett: “Teeth”
2. Never Shout Never: “All Mine”
3. Plug In Stereo: “Frozen Heart”
4. The Scene Aesthetic: “Stay”
5. Romance On A Rocketship: “A Million Kisses (featuring Vivian Fabry)”
6. Hostage Calm: “Don’t Die on Me Now”
7. Such Gold: “Storyteller”
8. The Seeking: “Only a Moment”
9. Fur Of Heaven: “Willow”
10. For the Fallen Dreams: “Hollow”
11. Adestria: “Compromised”
12. Chelsea Grin: “Lilith”