Whether you’re reading for a school assignment or because you just want to be more informed, summer is a great time for you to kick back with a good book! So if you’re on the beach, in your backyard, or in your fam’s back seat during a road trip, peta2 wants to help you find time to read some animal rights essentials.

Introducing the peta2 Book Club! We’ll review a book every week for the next few months and give you 750 points for sending us a review at [email protected]. Neat, right? And it’s a great way to cash in on the free shirts, hoodies, and other swag offered at peta2 Goods!

First up is one of my faves: Slaughterhouse by Gail A. Eisnitz.

I read this book when I was 16—back when I thought that animals on factory farms were protected by some all-encompassing law that would prevent anything too bad. I was wrong. Slaughterhouse goes deep inside the meat industry—into slaughterhouses—details the lack of U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations, and contains interviews and quotes from slaughterhouse workers and officials. This book paints the picture clearly: Animals have little protection (if any), slaughterhouses receive little oversight, and the meat industry is filthy, cruel, and corrupt.

No one in the meat industry is looking out for animals, and the government simply doesn’t care how many animals are alive when they’re hacked apart or how hard they struggle as they’re forced down the slaughter line. This book inspired me to join the fight for animal liberation and even inspired my boyfriend at the time to go veganSlaughterhouse is powerful, honest, and heartbreaking—a must-read for anyone who wants to know the truth about what happens behind the closed doors of slaughterhouses across the country.

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