This past weekend, peta2 dove head-first into the nation’s largest and most important electronic music festival—the Electric Daisy Carnival—reminding the hundreds of thousands of attendees that fur is cruel, not cool.


Thanks to our gigantic flat-screen TV and hard-working road team, thousands of people visited our popular booth, where they could text us to pledge to be fur-free and receive a free anti-fur button and Steve Aoki poster. Many also stuck around to watch our undercover exposé of a Chinese fur farm on the big screen, which reminded attendees why it’s never acceptable to wear animal skins.


As is often the case, peta2 was the first and only animal advocacy group to break into this scene, thus reaching an entirely new audience from the crowds we regularly find at Warped Tour and on tour with bands like Rise Against. As EDC proudly stated on its blog, its top priority this year is “empowering and activating [its] fans by way of increasing awareness,” and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

We had a blast dancing the night away, but if you weren’t fortunate enough to see us at EDC, don’t sweat it—because when it comes to dubstep and electronic music, we’re just getting started.