"Chicks love a vegetarian" adAhem … Now that we’ve got your attention.

Wait. Are you with us? Still speechless? Side-tracked? Distracted? A bit sweaty on the brow? Are you just now realizing that the gentleman before you has fuzzy, little baby chicks chillin’ with him in the back of the barn? Yep, not only is he the lead singer of Phantom Planet—whose music is so good that you’ll want to give it a permanent home on your playlist—he also makes our classic peta2 T-shirt look pretty darned sexy. Yeah, sure, they’re pretty cool tees, but no one gives them the justice that they deserve like Alexander Greenwald does.

Alexander GreenwaldSo we all agree that no explanation is needed as to why Alex decided to star in our “Chicks Love a Vegetarian” ad, right? I mean, you get the double entendre, correct? Yep. We’re pretty clever. Not only do the ladies fall into each other over this dude, but the little chickens heart Mr. Greenwald, too—and not just because his knees provide a sturdy perch. We think that his vegan diet may have something to do with it, too … although you do have to wonder why more vegans don’t end up with cute, little, fuzzy chicks by their side. Unfair, really. But, we digress: The point is that Alex wouldn’t eat a chicken if his life depended on it … even if his little chicken pals told him that their love for him was souring.

Watch this video to find out why.

After all, it is our modest opinion that one should digest all the facts before getting to the good stuff—the outtakes from our photo shoot with Mr. “All Sorts of Chicks Love Me” Greenwald … sigh.