Are you the proud guardian of an adopted animal? Does the mere thought of your dog make you smile? Do your eyes light up when you tell your friends about the adorable things your cat does? Do you not even mind when your kitten wakes you up in the middle of the night by stepping on your face? 

Then you should relate to ALL these …

1. When things that are important to other people aren’t that important to you:

2. When you don’t mind calling your bed “our bed”:

3. When your “boyfriend” is shaped like a vegan sausage and you love it:

4. When you realize how stupid you look when you see a cute animal and you don’t even care:

5. When you make a list, check it twice, and know it’s perfect:

6. When you actually love that doggie smell:

7. When the line between “kids” and “cats” is blurred:

This is so Becca! Even though im 5.5 yrs old!! ??? #crazycatlady #crazycatmom ????

A photo posted by Khaleesi and Austin (@thedingleysisters) on

8. When organization takes on a whole new meaning: 

9. When you know your animal will always be your number one:

10. When you lose the ability to feel pain:

Especially kittens! ?

A photo posted by Bitty And Monkey (@bittynmonkey) on

11. When you know your future partner needs to be OK with a big family:

This is definitely me lol #crazycatlady #ilovecats #catperson #sotrue #thatsme #lol #catladymeme #funnymeme #catmemes #ivedonethisbefore

A photo posted by Elizabeth Fisher (@elizabeth.fisher.501) on

12. When you only have one thing on your mind:

Being an animal guardian is the best! Just remember: Every year in the U.S., more than 6 million lost, abandoned, or unwanted dogs and cats enter animal shelters. Please encourage everyone you know to adopt from shelters and never buy from pet stores or breeders. Also, don’t forget to have your animals spayed or neutered.

Tweet cute pictures of your adopted family members to @peta2! We’d love to see them!

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