We recently featured a poll on our Web site asking what band you were most looking forward to seeing on Warped Tour this summer, and Pierce The Veil took home the honors, beating out heavy hitters such as Alkaline Trio and Sum 41. The boys of Pierce The Veil have always been down to support peta2, and when they aren’t rocking the Warped Tour stages, you might just find them at our peta2 tent signing autographs.

So when Pierce The Veil approached us to get involved with the ever-adorable (yet heartbreaking) “Elephants Never Forget” campaign, we couldn’t have been happier. We immediately got a picture of the young lads, and we wanted you to be the first to see their new PSA!


Did you know that elephants can recognize each other from the sound of their calls? Learn more about elephants, and pledge never to support circuses that feature animals. You would get a high-five from the guys of Pierce The Veil, that’s for sure.