Pierce The Veil and peta2 have been BFFs for for quite some time now. Ever wonder how this best friendship came to be? First, the guys posed for our “Fur Is Dead” campaign. Next, they starred in their very own “Elephants Never Forget” public service announcement. Then, the band took home peta2’s very own Libby Award for Breakthrough Artist. We recently sat down with the guys—Vic, Mike, Jaime, and Tony—to talk about our blossoming relationship and their feelings about animal rights. Check out our exclusive interview with Pierce The Veil.

It all starts with awareness and knowing what’s going on out there in the world. From standing up for animals trapped in the circus to denouncing the fur industry to adopting a vegetarian diet, it’s hard to grasp all the cruelty that’s taking place if you’re not informed about these heartbreaking yet important issues. “I’ve always looked up to bands that go beyond just being a band,” says lead singer Vic Fuentes. Guitarist Tony Perry adds that “[m]aking decisions based off, like, what you can be a part of and help out with makes so much more difference.” Along with peta2, Pierce The Veil is here to help you increase that awareness.