Pigs are smarter than any domestic animal. Anyone who has spent time around them can tell you how loving and intelligent they are. But don’t take our word for it—watch these pigs, who are just like the dogs you might share your home with:


You haven’t seen happy until you’ve seen a pig getting a tummy rub! ?

Prissy and Bomber

Prissy and Bomber doggy paddle with a pooch.


Esther the Wonder Pig

Esther loves playing with her toy. ?



Moritz takes the cutest cat naps.



Playtime with a piggy and a pup is doggone adorable! ?



Just like dogs, pigs enjoy yummy treats.

Dogs and pigs have so much in common, so why should they be treated differently? (Hint: They shouldn’t!) And just like the dogs and cats that you might share you home with, pigs can experience pain and suffering. They shouldn’t have to endure a lifetime of misery just to be turned into hot dogs, bacon, or spare ribs.

If your dog said “oink” instead of “woof,” would you eat her? We didn’t think so. So why do we call one a “friend” and the other “food”? ?? Go vegan!bacon collage

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