Despite what it looks like, this is not a scene from a horror movie. This is photo of DEAD AND DYING PIGS found inside a dumpster outside a factory farm. If you look closely, you can see that most of them are babies. All this for bacon.

This photo is horrifying. But the disturbing truth is that the practice of treating animals like garbage is common in the food industry.

Female pigs on factory farms spend the majority of their lives pregnant and confined to tiny gestation crates atop feces-coated concrete floors. These crates are normally about 7 feet long and 2 feet wide, making it impossible for them to turn around.

Once they give birth, they’re moved to farrowing crates, which are so small that they can’t even turn to nuzzle or care for their babies. Pigs kept in these crates often bite and gnaw on the bars, which is a sign of stress and frustration caused by intense confinement.

Piglets are generally taken away from their mothers about three weeks after birth and packed into tiny pens.

The crowding in these pens can make naturally social and gentle pigs go insane and turn to cannibalism. To prevent them from eating each other, workers use pliers to clip off the ends of piglets’ teeth as well as their tails—often WITH NO PAINKILLERS.

Many piglets are left to suffer and die in these pens. Their bodies are just tossed out like garbage—and sometimes, they’re even thrown into dumpsters while they’re still breathing.

pings in dumpster, factory farming, meat industry cruelty

©JoAnne McArthur/We Animals 

Those who survive the horrendous conditions on factory farms are then sent to the slaughterhouse when they’re big enough to be killed for meat.

Slaughterhouse workers attempt to stun the pigs before killing them, but they’re often stunned improperly—which means that pigs’ throats are slit and they’re thrown into scalding-hot water to remove their hair WHILE THEY’RE STILL ALIVE. It’s also common for employees to slam piglets against the floor, and workers have even been caught beating them with a hammer.


Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals who deserve to live in peace. But in 2015, 115.4 million of them were commercially slaughtered in the U.S. Stop the horror for pigs by going vegan!

Check out peta2’s campaign Like You, Only Different to sign our petition asking Whole Foods to stop using misleading “humane” labels.