As Ella Montgomery on Pretty Little LiarsHolly Marie Combs is fiercely protective of her kids, Mike and Aria—as are all the parents in the not-so-quiet town of Rosewood. When the cameras stop rolling, that same loving nature remains, which is why Holly has a message for mothers everywhere.

The connection an orca mother feels with her newborn is instant and lasts a lifetime. In the wild, orcas live in pods of up to 30 members who travel together for their entire lives. At SeaWorld, baby orcas are torn away from their mothers and confined to barren concrete tanks. When Holly heard the cries of a captive mother as her baby orca was torn away, she knew she had to speak out.

Help orca mothers and babies NOW!

You think life in Rosewood is scary? What goes on at SeaWorld would make “A” look like a sweetheart. SeaWorld is a horrible place for wild animals, who endure stress, boredom, and depression in captivity. Orcas have been known to exhibit signs of psychological stress, and aggressive fights often break out between animals who would not normally be forced to live together in close quarters.

seaworld prison

Every SeaWorld ticket purchased contributes directly to the suffering of animals. Help orca mothers and their babies by pledging never to visit SeaWorld or other marine parks!

Fill out the form below and pledge never to support SeaWorld’s cruel confinement of orcas and other animals. Animals are not ours to use for entertainment!

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