Pretty Little Liars and Chicago Med star Torrey DeVitto is back speaking up for animals, and we couldn’t love her more! This time, Torrey is reminding everyone to choose cruelty-free fake snake and mock crock. Check out her gorgeous new ad:

Torrey DeVitto Skins Ad

A recent PETA investigation shocked the world when it exposed that workers on alligator and crocodile farms in Zimbabwe and Texas hacked into terrified animals while they were still conscious and able to feel pain. After being killed, the “exotic skins” are then sold to Hermès to create “luxury” bags, belts, and wristbands.


Despite having a life expectancy of 80 years old in the wild, crocodiles as young as 3 years old are killed for the fashion industry. Instead of living in their natural habitats, alligators and crocodiles raised to be killed for their skin are kept in cramped, filthy conditions.

Torrey wants everyone to know that the TRUE cost of an Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag has nothing to do with money—it’s the two or three crocodiles who suffered and paid with their lives, just to make one bag (wtf?)!

No one needs to wear animals’ skins to look good. And let’s be honest: Doesn’t Torrey wear vegan damn well? 🙂

If you’re looking to add some vegan leather to your wardrobe, check labels for keywords such as “faux leather,” “synthetic leather,” “pleather,” “PU,” “man-made leather,” “waxed cotton,” and “imitation leather.” Also, be sure to look for “PETA-Approved Vegan” logos. All the companies on the “PETA-Approved Vegan” list have signed PETA’s statements of assurance, so you can be sure that all your purchases from them are vegan. 

Share this video and join Torrey DeVitto in getting out the message that there’s nothing cool about cruelty. Join the fashion revolution: Wear vegan. 

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