We have finally accomplished our last remaining goal, and we are so excited that we can barely stand to be around one another. We interviewed Propagandhi founding member and guitarist/vocalist Chris Hannah and bassist Todd Kowalski! While Propagandhi’s music may be the perfect alternative to caffeine, it’s the group’s political onslaught that keeps them at the top of every hardcore music junkie’s “favorites” list. And, like many musicians who know what’s up, Chris brings his politics to his plate.

“I personally don’t eat eggs or milk,” says Chris. “If anybody’s interested about why someone doesn’t eat dairy products, all they have to do is look at any of the footage collected by organizations like PETA.” Of course, Chris has plenty more to say, and we have many more rolls of footage to unleash, so let’s get started. If you check out the video below, not only will you be privy to an earful from Chris and Todd, but you’ll also get to see Propagandhi in action.