Update: Following an extensive PETA campaign, Arizona State University (ASU) officials have confirmed that the school has reduced the number of frogs used in one of its classroom laboratories by half and ended all classroom experiments on live rabbits. This means that dozens of frogs will be saved each year and that more than 100 rabbits each year will be spared from having holes cut into their necks, being injected with drugs, and then being killed. Take action below to help urge ASU’s president to end the school’s other classroom animal experiments for good.


In addition to this great news, PETA has also learned that ASU has already reduced the number of frogs used in one of its classroom experiments by half, meaning that dozens of animals’ lives will be spared every year. In classroom biology experiments at ASU, live frogs are cut open so that students can watch the animals’ hearts beating, and pregnant rats are killed so that students can dissect them and experiment on their organs. In other experiments, rabbits have holes cut into their necks, are injected with various drugs, and are then killed.

Many modern non-animal teaching methods are available to replace these cruel and archaic animal experiments, and these methods have repeatedly been shown to teach anatomy and physiology as well as or better than animal-based lessons. The University of Arizona, for example, does not use any live animals in its undergraduate physiology laboratories.

Send an e-mail to Michael Crow at [email protected], president of ASU, and politely ask him to ensure that ASU’s new, humane technology is utilized and that the school’s cruel classroom animal experiments are replaced once and for all. Also, make sure that your voice is heard by calling Michael Crow’s office at 480-965-8972.

Sample e-mail text is provided below to help you draft your message.

Subject: Please Take the Next Step to End Cruel Animal Experiments

Body: I am pleased to hear that Arizona State University has purchased alternatives to its cruel and crude classroom physiology experiments on frogs, mice, rats, and rabbits. I hope you will insure that your faculty members fully utilize this new technology and replace classroom animal experiments as soon as possible.