Flesh-Free Fridays may be over but worry not, fellow recipe lovers. Recipe of the Week is back and this month’s theme is the always essential (and always anticipated) school lunch! By now you’ve heard about The Veggie Burger Project. In fact, you’re probably already one step away from getting delicious veggie burgers at your school, right? Go on and work it!

In the meantime, we’re gonna hook you up with some easy-peasy packable lunches that are sure to make your tummy sing until the day is over. First up, I give you one of my personal faves: the almond butter, strawberry and banana sandwich! AKA: three of my fave ingredients living in harmony between two slices of bread.

What you’ll need:

2 slices of bread (multi-grain or whole wheat)
4 tablespoons of almond butter
3-4 strawberries
1 banana

  • Spread the almond butter on both slices of bread. (I’m a big fan of almond butter so I really slathered a lot on there.)
  • Slice up the banana into flat rounds and place them on top of the almond butter on one side.
  • Slice up strawberries into flat rounds and place them on top of the bananas.
  • Place the other piece of almond buttered bread on top and you’ve got yourself an almond buttery, strawnana delight!

This sammie is super easy on the wallet and you can throw it together with one foot out the door. Oh, and it’s DELISH!

Whatcha think of it?