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The entire population of the town of Umea in northern Sweden could fit inside the football stadium at the University of Michigan. Umea may have only just surpassed 100,000 inhabitants, but the culturally influential town is the birthplace of some of the most progressive and inspiring punk, metal, and hardcore bands in recent memory.

Enter Dennis Lyxzén, a fiercely opinionated musician with the charisma to captivate arenas, a Joe Strummer–inspired determination to buck the system, and—at the helm of bands like Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy—a conqueror of the hardcore scene. With his newest project, INVSN, Lyxzén fuses keyboard-heavy post-punk with the same attitude used to incite riotous DIY basement shows.

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After cutting his teeth on metal music, Lyxzén felt more at home with the chords and convictions coming from hardcore originators Earth Crisis, Youth of Today, and Minor Threat, laying the foundation for his immersion into a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle and, at times, the militant Swedish animal rights scene.

In our hometown, Umea, this huge explosion of veganism and animal rights happened … hundreds of kids in our hometown stopped eating meat.

More than 55 million animals are killed for food every day in the United States. Go vegan and take action against an industry that slaughters animals, directly contributes to climate change, and has indisputable negative effects on world hunger.

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