No amount of concealer can cover up Revlon’s latest black eye. For more than 20 years, Revlon was on our list of cruelty-free companies, but a few years ago, PETA discovered that the cosmetics company had betrayed animals and its customers: Revlon once called itself a cruelty-free company, but it had been selling its products in China, where tests on animals are required for cosmetics.

bunny lab cruel tests

In December 2013, Revlon announced that it was “exiting China,” but after the company spent several months refusing to answer PETA’s questions, a PETA representative attended Revlon’s annual meeting to present our resolution calling for transparency in the company’s animal-testing policy and practices. The PETA representative also asked point-blank whether Revlon would be withdrawing its products from the Chinese market. Revlon CEO Lorenzo Delpani confirmed that although Revlon will “exit” China—meaning it is eliminating jobs and closing offices there—it continues to sell products there, while many other successful beauty companies have chosen to avoid China because of the country’s animal-testing policies.


How You Can Help

1. Refuse to buy Revlon products until the company stops selling products in China.?
2. Make sure all the products you buy are truly cruelty-free.

Check out our searchable list of companies that do and that do not test on animals. With so many products available that don’t test on animals, there’s no reason to support cruelty!

3. Order free cruelty-free pocket shopping guides!

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Give our shopping guides to your friends and take them with you when you head to the store.

4. Spread the word!

Tell Gillette to stop testing on animals!

Share this post on Facebook or Twitter to let everyone know that they shouldn’t buy from Revlon or any other company that tests on animals. Hundreds of thousands of bunnies and other animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year in cruel and unnecessary tests for cosmetics.

Animals often live in lonely, cramped conditions. Researchers put harsh chemicals in their eyes, in their stomachs, or on their shaved or scraped skin without any painkillers. Meanwhile, more effective and humane modern testing methods exist! In fact, animal testing for cosmetics is banned in several places, including the European Union, India, Israel, and Norway. Get with it, Revlon! WTF!?