When Rise Against came through town to shoot a “Meat Is Murder” ad for us, we were pretty stoked. But after leaping into their arms for some hearty bear hugs and hanging out at an abandoned warehouse, where we honed our spray-painting skills and reminisced about the last time we hung out, we barely had any time to work. Like, what the hell, right? But then the guys suggested that we grab some soy ice cream, and we decided our day was looking far brighter.

In fact, after the high-voltage sugar dose, we felt incredibly foolish for initially being annoyed at having to tear ourselves away from our computers to assist with a photo shoot that could further propel Rise Against and peta2 into the spotlight—drawing millions of people to our kick-ass, respective Web sites and thus to our mutual desire to promote the benefits of vegetarianism. We told Rise Against how stupid we felt—because it’s always good to get things off one’s chest—and everyone laughed and laughed and we all felt a lot better.

So, what can you do to help this “Meat Is Murder” situation? Here’s a start: All the guys in Rise Against got into animal rights after learning about the issues at punk and hardcore shows. In fact, most of the musicians we work with first heard about the issues after stumbling upon a table or being handed a leaflet in the middle of some crowded venue. It’s amazing how quickly one piece of literature can affect so many people. So, why not spend an evening leafleting or staffing a table while listening to some fine tunes? It’s a ton of fun, an easy way to meet cool people, and a surefire way to get into some amazing conversations. Plus, it sure beats sitting at home in front of the TV.