Horror master Rob Zombie has a deep-rooted fascination with the macabre. Anyone familiar with his extensive body of musical work or his films can attest to that.

Zombie, who stopped eating our feathered friends years ago, doesn’t have a problem with watching people get hacked to bits on the big screen, but when it comes to the way animals are treated in real life, it’s a different story entirely. So we thought it was only fitting that he help us call attention to Butterball’s house of horrors by recording peta2’s Thanksgiving hotline message.

Rob Zombie's Thanksgiving Message
The vicious acts of cruelty to animals that PETA’s investigators found at Butterball’s Ozark, Arkansas, slaughterhouse seemed like scenes taken straight from a horror movie.

Zombie describes what life is like for a turkey raised and killed for Butterball in peta2’s hotline recording. “Turkeys often become painfully crippled because they are given drugs to make them grow so unnaturally large that their legs splinter,” says Zombie. “In one Butterball slaughterhouse, PETA found a worker sexually assaulting the birds and another stomping on birds’ heads until their skulls exploded.”

Please boycott Butterball and make Zombie’s message your voice-mail recording. Not only will you be spreading the word about Butterball’s cruel methods to everyone who calls you, they’ll also think you’re a total badass for having Rob Zombie answer your phone.

Then go one step further and make this Thanksgiving one for the birds by not eating them. Click on the button below and pledge to spare a turkey this Thanksgiving.