Time for a little Punk Rock 101. Roger Miret is a legend. He kickstarted the NYHC scene (that’s New York Hardcore for you novices) back in 1982 when his band Agnostic Front first took the stage, establishing themselves as one of the toughest, meanest-sounding punk bands the world had ever seen. As the self-proclaimed “godfathers of hardcore,” Roger Miret and Agnostic Front gained quite a reputation for talking tough, rocking hard, and living wild. Sometimes a little too wild. A trip down memory lane with Roger includes jail time, breeding pit bulls, dogfights, and funerals.

Fast forward 22 years. Through sheer will and dedication, Agnostic Front is still together, touring and putting out new releases. Roger’s also formed a new band, a street punk band called Roger Miret and the Disasters. They rock. Times have changed, and so have Roger’s ethics. Now that Roger sees connections between punk and animal rights, he would NEVER breed dogs, go to a dogfight, or hurt an animal. These days, being tough isn’t about breeding pit bulls and watching dogs fight, it’s about standing up for what you believe in, having the nerve to try something new, and supporting your family and friends. If you ask us, that’s what punk rock should be all about.

Check out our exclusive video interview to see what Roger and the rest of the Disasters, Rhys, Johnny, and Joey, have to say about vegetarianism, punk rock, animal rights, and PETA.