Even though we share the world with animals, many humans don’t know what happens to them on a daily basis. Animals who are exploited for food, fashion, experimentation, and entertainment suffer terribly. Humans, as a whole, are a compassionate species, and it would horrify many to learn the truth about the way that animals are treated. That’s exactly why knowing these facts is so important. 

1. Cows Used for Milk and Dairy Foods

2. Animals Killed for Meat

3. Animals Used for Clothing and Accessories 

4.  Animals Used for Experiments

5. Animals Used for Entertainment

These facts may be difficult to accept, but they’re important to know. Knowledge is power. Now that you’re aware of how animals are harmed by humans, you can help! Encourage everyone you know to shop cruelty-free and to stop supporting the use of animals for food, fashion, experimentation, and entertainment.

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