ICYMI, a supermarket customer got a free serving of #truth with a recent purchase. The shopper found this note under the label on a package of Sainbury’s burgers:

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The letter reads, “My name was Chloe, I wanted to live! Your ‘Personal choice’ killed me! DON’T BUY IT!” The customer posted the image online with the comment, “I didn’t think opening my burgers this evening would be a meet and greet! FYI!”

But if the customer had met the cow whose flesh she was buying, she would have seen that cows are gentle, curious, and clever. If she’d taken the time to greet the animal she was about to eat, she would have learned that cows form close friendships with other members of their herd and that cows mourn the deaths of those they love, even shedding tears over their loss.?

The customer would probably be horrified to learn that her purchase helped pay for cows like the one pictured on the note she found to endure routine mutilations, including branding, castration, and dehorning—procedures that cause excruciating, prolonged pain—all done without any painkillers. And she’d probably be troubled to hear that after months on a severely crowded feedlot, cows are typically shipped without food or water to a slaughterhouse, where workers shoot a metal rod into their brains to “stun” them, then slit their throats.


If the customer had taken a moment to “meet and greet” a cow, she’d have found out that cows value their lives just as much as you, I, or the dogs and cats many humans share their homes with do. Animals don’t exist for us to use—they shouldn’t have to look a certain way to deserve our love and protection.

happy cat cow

This note is serious activism goals! While some people continue to speculate about the way that the note from “Chloe” got onto the package of burgers in the first place, a simple message like this one can really make people start asking themselves more important questions, such as “Why am I not vegan yet?”

Inspired by this activism and ready to make a difference for animals?

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