So, when considering some bands that would be ideal to help peta2 get accurate documentation of the madness that takes place on Warped Tour—both on stage and behind the tour-bus doors—my mind immediately jumped to our good friend Pouyan Afkary and the Scary Kids Scaring Kids crew.

Pouyan, who’s a supporter of our “I Am Not a Nugget” campaign, first learned of the harsh reality of factory farming from the book Fast Food Nation. He urges people to “boycott the companies you don’t agree with. [Y]ou gotta boycott KFC.” Like us, he thinks that hitting these companies where it hurts—in the ol’ bank account—is the best way to make them change their policies.

As if that doesn’t make Pouyan lovely enough, the fact that he and the guys said yes to sharing their Warped adventures with us makes them downright divine! They got the pictures for us (and certainly did not disappoint).

Above is just a glimpse of the many, many pics snapped by Pouyan and company at this year’s Warped Tour. Now take a page from their book and boycott KFC!