ICYMI, the Canadian government is still giving tax dollars to an industry that shoots and clubs young seals to death for their fur.???

The country should know that the seal-fur trade is extremely cruel and shunned by most Canadians—and most people around the world. But let’s say it one more time for the prime minister in the back (we’re looking at you, Trudeau):? The cruel Canadian commercial seal slaughter is unwanted. ?

But since Canadian officials refuse to acknowledge the fact that no one is wearing seal fur and went forward with the commercial seal slaughter anyway, peta2 tweeted this video showing just what happens when baby seals are clubbed to death:

People lost their gosh dang minds over it—and rightfully so!

Tears were shed, and people tweeted at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Everyone needed tissues after watching the footage:

There was complete disbelief:

And people took action!

Nearly 13,500 people have texted to help seals!

Angry and want to make a difference, too? Text “CLUB” to 73822 to tell Justin Trudeau to STOP Canada’s commercial seal slaughter!