It seems like we can’t go a week or so without hearing about inspiring young activists like you who are going above and beyond for animals at SeaWorld (and we’re not complaining!).

First, a group of high school students in California were so upset after viewing the documentary Blackfish that they co-wrote, starred in, and edited a moving public service announcement protesting SeaWorld’s cruelty.

Then, our hearts melted when we met the extremely adorable Cash Beery, who dedicated his sixth birthday to orcas by asking everyone to ditch SeaWorld on December 22.

cash beery hero for orca award

And now, all eyes are on Kirra Kotler, a fifth-grader who, after watching Blackfish with her parents, refused to go on her school’s annual field trip to SeaWorld.

Kirra Kotler Hero for Orcas SeaWorld award

Kirra’s father, along with other parents, met with the school’s principal about the concerns that Kirra and soon other classmates had about visiting the abusement park. After the meeting, the principal ultimately decided to cancel the field trip.

CNN SeaWorld article

Yep, that’s right—the entire field trip was canceled. All because one brave fifth-grader stood her ground and refused to support an industry in which orcas and other marine animals are imprisoned in tiny tanks and forced to perform silly, unnatural tricks for humans day after day.

Because of her compassion and dedication to helping animals, Kirra has received a Hero for Orcas Award from PETA Kids.

Kirra Kotler Hero for Orcas award