After news leaked that SeaWorld planned to separate polar bear best friends Szenja and Snowflake so that it could ship Snowflake to the Pittsburgh Zoo to breed her for commercial purposes, PETA urged the company’s CEO to reconsider the cruel plan.

He didn’t listen, though, and SeaWorld tore apart the companions who had been together for over 20 years—all so that it could try to get a new polar bear cub to attract more visitors. Szenja was left behind at the San Diego park inside a cramped, barren cage with no companions of her own species.

Less than two months after her only friend was taken away from her, Szenja has died, likely of a broken heart.

This should be a wake-up call to SeaWorld to stop breeding and shipping animals, to close its animal exhibits, and to retire the animals to sanctuaries. Until it does, its ship will keep sinking.

What You Can Do

SeaWorld is trying to hide its true motive (having a baby animal at the park to attract visitors) while pretending to advocate for “conservation.” But even if Snowflake does have a baby who survives—which is doubtful, given the 65 percent infant-mortality rate for captive polar bears—he or she will never be released into the wild. Conservation is about preserving natural habitats and protecting species in nature, not breeding more animals to live inside a concrete box.

Don’t believe SeaWorld’s lies! Never go to any of its parks, and share this story so that your friends and family will know the truth about its abusive treatment of animals like Snowflake and Szenja.