SeaWorld separates orcas from their families and confines them to tanks that are so small they represent only 0.0001 percent of the distance that the whales would travel in a single day in the ocean. As if this isn’t disturbing enough, here are six other reasons why SeaWorld is truly one twisted “family” establishment

1. Repetitive, harmful behavior, such as this orca banging his head on a landing platform, is common.



2. Dolphins at SeaWorld’s parks are at risk while performing tricks for “entertainment.” In one incident at SeaWorld’s San Antonio location, eyewitnesses reported that two dolphins who performed a jumping trick crashed into each other, resulting in one dolphin getting thrown onto the concrete walkway below. The dolphin was bleeding and helpless as guests looked on.

3. The constant stress of confinement causes abnormal behavior, such as vomiting, that likely wouldn’t happen in the wild.


4. SeaWorld’s tanks are unnatural and unsafe. At SeaWorld Orlando, a pilot whale got stuck on the shallow platform that SeaWorld uses to pose the animals. As horrified guests screamed, “The dolphin—he’s stuck!” the announcer blithely noted that the whale would get back into the pool on his own. The person who posted this video said that SeaWorld employees brushed him off when he alerted them to the situation and that the whale struggled for 20 to 25 minutes before two trainers came and pushed him back into the water.

5. At SeaWorld, 37 orcas have died, and every one of them did so before the age of 30, whereas the average life expectancy of orcas in the wild is between 30 and 50. No captive orca has come close to the maximum ages of 60 to 70 for males and more than 100 for females.


6. Stress, boredom, and depression also result from life in a cramped tank.



What can you do?

1. See Blackfish, the documentary that exposes SeaWorld’s cruelty. It’s now available on Netflix!

2. Remember that every SeaWorld ticket purchased is directly contributing to the animals’ miserable lives. Never go to any SeaWorld park, and urge your friends and family members to stay away, too.
Lolita whale in net

3. Spread the word.

rose parade1

Pledge never to go to SeaWorld, join the peta2, and sign up for text alerts. We’ll notify you about demonstrations in your area and other ways you can help animals. If you’re over 22, you can also join PETA’s Action Team.

4. Share our SeaWorld in 30 Seconds video with your friends and family.

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