Imagine spending your Valentine’s Day in a concrete tank.

Now imagine spending your entire life in a concrete tank.

Tilikum the orca was kidnapped from the ocean when he was a baby and has been held captive at SeaWorld for the past 20 years. During these two decades, he has lived in a concrete tank equivalent to the size of a bathtub for him, been forced to perform tricks, and been so miserable that he’s lashed out and killed three people. And let’s not forget to mention this—yuck.

Tilikum is miserable.


Help him this Valentine’s Day.

Ask SeaWorld’s president to have a ? for Tilikum and let him retire to a sanctuary in the sea where he can live out the rest of his life in a more natural habitat and not be forced to perform.

Print out our Valentine’s Day card and send it to:

Jim Atchison
President and Chief Operating Officer
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
9205 S. Park Center Loop, Ste. 400
Orlando, FL 32819

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