Over the past week, I had an unforgettable time hitting the road with peta2’s very own Concert Tour Crew. In the next few weeks, peta2’s fearless team will be traveling the nation with the boys of Senses Fail, and they’ll be talking to thousands of people about why going vegan is the best and easiest way to help animals.

Check out these awesome pics from the road:


The tour team talks to Senses Fail fans before they head inside.


Tour Crew member Vivian talks to people in line to see Senses Fail at The Norva in Norfolk, Virginia.

We’re daring concertgoers to spend “60 Seconds in Hell” by stepping into “The Cage” and watching a short video about the reality of what animals endure on factory farms:

All Access with Senses Fail!

All access, with Senses Fail!

Someone entering "The Cage"!

Someone enters “The Cage”!

Touring with peta2 is a great experience. If I could pick my top five fave things about it, they would be:

  1. Talking to people who went vegan after meeting us at another show
  2. When people go vegan after talking to me
  3. Giving people free stuff at shows
  4. Being the first person ever to talk to a particular person about animal rights
  5. Giving showgoers yummy recipes

Life on the road RULES!

When we’re not at shows talking to people about animal rights, we’re enjoying the sweet tour life!  Tour stories are the best stories! One time on tour, we had a day off near Las Vegas, so we headed to Lake Mead. Let me just say that our day off included:

  • A party boat
  • Cliff jumping into the lake
  • Swimming
  • Driving a boat
  • Vegan Boca burgers on the grill

There I am, driving a boat on Lake Mead (right before we cooked up some Boca burgers!) on a “nonshow” day on tour.

van pic

Heroes! <3

Touring + eating the best vegan food on the planet + talking about animal rights every day = the greatest job ever, right?!