Australian pop singer and animal-loving vegetarian Sia Furler is all bark and a little bite in her new peta2 public service announcement (PSA). Posing alongside her rescued animal companion, Pantera, Sia asks fans to “take a bite out of animal overpopulation” by always having animals spayed or neutered. Check it out!

Sia and Pantera may be snarling in their peta2 PSA, but I can assure you it’s for a good reason. Did you know that every year, 6 to 8 million animals enter animal shelters in the United States? What’s worse is that half of those animals will be euthanized because there simply are not enough loving homes. Animals in shelters face a bleak future in a cramped cage, waiting—sometimes for years—to be adopted, or they are left with euthanasia as the most compassionate option. With so many healthy, happy animals already alive, there is no reason for pet stores and breeders to be bringing new puppies and kittens into the world or for people not to spay and neuter the animals already in their lives. If you share your home with a little Pantera of your own, do the responsible thing and always have your companion animals spayed or neutered.

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