You may know her as Olive Doyle from the Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm, but we know her as Sierra McCormick, the young, hip, and super-loving companion to her pooch pal, Princess Annie. On the small screen, Sierra plays a character with a super memory, and she’s much like her character in real life, too, because she understands everything there is to know about animal adoption and bringing animal companions into your family, including how to care for them. Check out Sierra’s delightful ad, and watch our exclusive interview with her, where she talks about her life with her adorable dog!

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Princess Annie was adopted into Sierra’s family and has been a fun and loving member of the family ever since. Adopting companion animals is a great way to add unconditional love, a trusted friend, and endless happiness to your life, but it’s crucial to remember that they come with responsibility. Animals depend on us to care for them, and it’s important to do your research and understand what it takes to care for a dog or a cat properly.

Six to 8 million dogs and cats are left at animal shelters every year, and Sierra knows that roughly half of them are euthanized because of a lack of good homes. Severely crowded shelters and high euthanasia rates are direct results of people buying dogs and cats from pet stores and breeders. Every time an animal is bought, a loving animal in a shelter loses his or her chance at finding a forever home. It’s simple: Adopting animals from shelters saves lives!

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