Let me guess: You LOVE cats. Your cats, other people’s cats, cats on the Internet—you don’t discriminate. You’re straight-up obsessed! In fact, sometimes you’d rather just hang out with your cats than with anyone else. Is that weird? Maybe. But maybe you’re just growing up to be a crazy cat lady or gentleman. Here are 13 signs that you are, in fact, on your merry way:

1. If it weren’t for these babies, you really couldn’t go out in public.

lint rollers

2. Black clothing is no longer a functional part of your wardrobe.

(Unless, of course, you’ve got a spare 20 minutes to utilize No. 1.)

black clothes cat fur

3.  You are completely addicted to the sound of your kitty’s purr in order to fall asleep at night.

sleeping with cat

4. Poop-scooping is just a normal, everyday part of your after-school routine.

Photo: wolfsavard | CC by 3.0 


5. You are a slave to your cats’ sleeping positions.

My back is f*cking killing me, but whatever.

cat spooning on couch

6. You’d rather cut off your own fingers than declaw your beloved cat.

‘Cause you know it’s basically the same thing. 🙁


7. Anything less than a devoted love for felines could be a deal-breaker in a blossoming relationship.

Sorry, not sorry.

angry cat

8.  Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram = extensive cat photo galleries.

What, not into it? Just do us both a favor and unfollow me now. cats instagram collage

9.  This is happening in your room right now.

And if it’s not, you wish it were.

cat accessories

10.  Even if you’re not into sports, you’d always root against the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

R.I.P., Double Trouble. </3

Double Trouble at UW Madison

11.  It’s really freaking hard to write a paper (or do ANYTHING, for that matter) when there is an endless supply of cute cat videos on the Internet.

cat on computer

12. You let your favorite animal direct your fashion sense.

cat clothes

13. You know that baskets, sinks, shopping bags, purses, and cardboard boxes are really just casual hangout spots. cats in basket sink purse

Do any or all of the above statements apply to you? If the answer is yes, CONGRATULATIONS! You are on the right path to becoming a totally crazy cat person. This is great news!

So now that your unconditional love for cats (and life path) has been confirmed, let’s get serious: It’s time to take action for the many stray cats out there trying to fend for themselves. Even though they might seem OK, all are in danger of being abused, catching diseases, being hit by cars, and dying of exposure or starvation. YOU CAN HELP THEM: