1. You’re embarrassed to admit that this was you at one point:

vegan christian funny meme

It’s OK, sweetie. We’ve all made mistakes.

2. You’ve had this question before:


Ordenación de Jesús y Sebastián_82 | Photo by: Iglesia en Valladolid | CC by 2.0 

And yes—yes they are. Yay to vegans going to heaven!

3. Your dinner prayers are a little unconventional.

vegan praying veggie burger

4. You when Lent rolls around:

nun vegan fish lent

Eileen Fisher, Snapple, nun | Photo by: Timothy Krause | CC by 2.0 

You also use this opportunity to get your friends to stick to the meatless life!

5. You when you found out that the Pope was naming himself after Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals:

Sean dancing gif

And you almost feel like bragging about it.

6. If you could caption this, it would say something like:

jesus hates wool

jesus_22 | Photo by: James Shepard | CC by 2.0 

7. Bible camp lunches look something like this:


But you know to pack the goods:

vegan junk food

8. This is pretty much your favorite Bible verse:

forest bible vegan message

9. You know that compassion applies to ALL beings, including those who might look a little different from us.

Cow and kitty


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