1.    The cooks who work at the vegan station in the dining hall know you by name.
  2.    You know that keg stands should never be done with Guinness.
  3.    You secretly sneer at people wearing UGGs around campus.
  4.    You lose hours of study time debating with your roommate about the suffering of plants.vegan-college-student-plants-stamp
  5.    You’d rather talk about the new Vegenaise flavors than anything bacon-flavored.
  6.    You know how to make a vegan-rito at the student union’s Taco Bell.
  7.    Green and blue Top Ramen packets litter your dorm room.
  8.    You read food labels more often than your text books.vegan-college-student-ingredients-stamp
  9.    The only way you can find your car is by looking for your GoVeg.com bumper sticker.
  10.    You multitask your activism by snapchatting cruelty videos during class.
  11.    You’ll only bum a cigarette at a party if it’s an American Spirit.
  12.    You go to the library and watch “Glass Walls” in plain view. vegan-college-student-glass-walls-stamp
  13.    You know what VegFund is.
  14.    You do not have a betta fish as a companion.
  15.    You use words like “carnist.”
  16.    You’ve applied to be a peta2 campus rep! 😉vegan-college-student-campus-reps-stamp