1. You fix your tablas every time you play Lotería.

peta2 loteria

Much, much better.

2. You have conflicting feelings about hitting the donkey-shaped piñata at your cousin’s birthday party.

people for the ethical treatment of pinatas

People for the Ethical Treatment of … piñatas?

3. Vegan mayo is great, but it has nothing on your family’s guacamole recipe.

pineapple guac

Oh, and don’t even bring up prepackaged guacamole. Just walk away.

4. You’ve never had a problem getting your daily serving of fruits and vegetables, thanks to TAJÍN.

Street fruit with chili powder

Also known as the best seasoning you will ever try, it’s a mix of chili peppers, sea salt, and lime—and it’s PERFECT over everything.

5. People think you eat this:


6. When really you eat THIS:

Vegan Mexican dishes

C’mon, Latinos are the kings of spice. Do you really think that we’re going to settle for a boring salad?! Pfff, please.

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7. People constantly say, “So, you eat a lot of green stuff?”

Cilantro in fridge

HA—yes, if you count cilantro! Seriously, it’s in like, every meal.

8. You kind of had a heart attack when Ricky Martin tweeted about going vegetarian.

ricky martin tweet

Oh, was that just me? Oops #MarryMeRicky.

9. You have no trouble finding vegan candies that you love because, hello, these are all vegan:

Vegan Mexican candy.

And you can probably eat about 20 of the really spicy ones without getting a stomach ache. Now that’s impressive.

10. When you meet another vegan Latino …


He or she automatically becomes family.

11. You’ve mastered making any street food vegan.

Instagram vegan food collage

Tacos, burritos, elotes (corn), spicy fruit, and even ice cream!

12. You carry a couple of these in your purse or backpack:

Tapatio salsa packets


13. You know that nothing beats this recipe:

Mexican style potato chips

Who needs potato chip dips made with boob milk when you can have this life-changing combination instead?!

14. You’ve shared the Spanish version of “Glass Walls” with everyone you know!

Shout out to another vegan Latino, Mexican TV star Marco Regil, who actually narrated the Spanish version of “Glass Walls”!

15. You know that this is totally true:

Use tortilla as a fork

16. You’re absolutely fearless, and nothing will stop you from speaking up for animals!  

Collage latino street teamers

Here’s to all the awesome vegan Latinos out there! Let’s stay brave, loud, and luchones for animals!

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