Once upon a time, being vegan was pretty much a foreign concept. When I first changed my lifestyle, the idea of eating delicious dairy-free cheese was about as real as my dreams about driving a flying car to work, like in Harry Potter.

Little did I know that just a few short years later, not only would we have an endless selection of delicious and melty vegan cheeses but the rest of the world would be on board, too. Here’s some legit proof for ya:

1. Google searches for “vegan” climbed 32 percent from 2014 to 2015. Can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Another reminder why #2016 will be #TheYearOfVegan! ??#TimesRChanging #VegansOfIG

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2. Because of high demand from customers, everyone’s favorite ice cream duo, Ben & Jerry’s, came out with FOUR yummy vegan flavors this year.

3. Magazines everywhere are giving people the scoop on the benefits of a vegan diet. Teen Vogue even featured a story about a vegan runner on its cover.

4. Subway has been testing vegan patties at select locations. The Malibu Garden patty topped with the Fiery Red Tomato sauce makes for one delectable sandwich.

5. Following an appeal from PETA at Tesla’s 2015 annual meeting, the company launched Model X, its highly anticipated SUV, which is available with a fully vegan interior—including the seats, steering wheel, and gear shift.

Yes! After discussion with #PETA, @teslamotors launches all-vegan car. #ModelX #TheYearOfVegan #VegansOfIG

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6. Cosmetic companies like e.l.f. have ditched using fur in their makeup brushes—so it’s easier than ever to have a cruelty-free face.

Don't forget to brush! Blur, blend and sculpt with our assortment of pro #brushes. #wakeupandmakeup

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7. You can now find egg-free mayo at the dollar store, 7-Eleven, Target, and more, thanks to Hampton Creek Foods.

Get acquainted with Just Caesar at a @Target near you. http://ju.st/CaesarAtTarget

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8. Wendy’s recently announced that after a petition to add a vegan option circulated the Internet, it’s testing a black bean burger in select cities. Hopefully, it’ll come out with a dairy-free Frosty, too! (Hint, hint.)


9. Miley Cyrus has basically FLOODED her Insta-feed with animal rights awareness. Girl, YOU GO.

Yasssss hunty

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10. Pizza joints are adding vegan cheeses to their menus faster than you can say soy milk!


11. You can even pick up some meatless (and 100-percent vegan) meat balls at IKEA when you go shopping for your apartment.

12. There’s a burger that BLEEDS beet juice. Most vegan thing ever.


13. The World Health Organization confirmed what the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has said for a long time: that eating bacon, hot dogs, ham, and other processed meats causes cancer.

14. And for all you over-21ers, Guinness ditched the animal-derived ingredients in its beer. 😉

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