If there’s any band who has been completely supportive of peta2 since the beginning, it’s Silverstein. These Canadian screamo veterans have done pretty much everything possible to spread a positive word and fight the good fight for animals. Whether it’s getting fans excited about a vegetarian-chicken-sandwich-eating contest, starring in a PSA with the tagline “Cruelty to Animals Sucks,” letting us set up tables at their shows, or doing interviews about vegetarianism, Silverstein has always matched their passion for music with an equal passion for animal rights.

In between their energetic live shows and recording their first concept album, A Shipwreck in the Sand, we teamed up with Silverstein to create the band’s first ever “veggie testimonial.” All five members of Silverstein—Shane, Paul, Bill, Neil, and Josh—appear next to the tagline “We Are Silverstein, and We Are Vegetarians” in the new pro-vegetarian PSA. Debunking the myth that it’s difficult to be vegetarian, the guys also appear next to this quote: “One of the best parts of being on tour is all the delicious vegetarian food we get to eat. Whether it’s veggie fried chicken, vegan pizza, or bean burritos, it’s nice to sit down to a good meal—and to know that no animals were hurt in the process.”

Check it out …

Silverstein's 'veggie testimonial' 

Dedicated, much? This is, after all, the band that named one of their past tours the “I Am Not a Nugget” tour! If you’re feeling like Silverstein does about cutting meat out of your diet, take our Pledge to Be Veg! After all, going vegetarian saves at least 100 animals a year, and you’ll be improving your health and saving the planet too. Doesn’t get much better than that, huh? Give it a try!