We’re not shy about posting graphic stuff on social media. Why? Because ignorance isn’t bliss, and exposing people to the truth is often what persuades them to change.

If you can’t watch where your food comes from, you shouldn’t be eating it. We recently posted a video about what happens to cows in a kosher slaughterhouse, and here were some of the reactions:

1. Videos like this might be shocking at first …

2. … but this one is important because it puts the viewer in the animals’ shoes. How would you feel if you had to wait in line for your death?

3. It can help people face the truth …

4. … and make them feel empathy for animals.

5. They have no choice but to admit that slaughtering animals is not right.

6. It awakens them to the fact that animals are not ours.

7. It can make them question their choices.

8. And sometimes, it can even inspire them to go vegan.

Check out the full video below and let us know what your reaction was

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