Spice Up Your Life - Go Vegetarian

Sophie Monk’s Sexy New peta2 PSA

Sophie Monk says, “If you are going … to take your clothes off for something, it’s gotta be for a good cause,” and we agree. After all, what could be a better cause than helping animals?!

Lying on a bed of chili peppers—wearing nothing more than a sultry look—the Australian actor and pop singing sensation sizzles in peta2’s latest vegetarian PSA, beckoning you and her adoring fans worldwide to “Spice Up Your Life—Go Vegetarian.”

Sophie, who’s been a vegetarian since she was 18, agreed to pose nude to bring attention to the cruelty involved in the factory farming industry. She also had a few things to say about KFC, animal testing, and not buying animals from breeders, but we’ll let her tell you about that, so check out Sophie’s interview.

Has Sophie inspired you to make some changes in your life too? How about by cutting meat out of your diet-it’s never been easier! And not only is going veg the best thing you can do for the billions of animals tortured and killed each year by the factory farming industry, it’s also good for your health and the best thing you can do for the environment too. Do yourself, animals, and the Earth a favor and take the Veg Pledge by clicking on the button below.

Get even more active for animals by joining the peta2. You’ll be helping animals and earning free stuff at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.